Second Hand Tack and Riding Clothing

Hunting & Show Riding Jackets

72/70Medium Navy ladies Ri Dry hunter coat (worn once)£155.00
72/82XL Navy ladies Ri Dry hunter coat (worn once)£155.00
71/5944" gents Shires Clifton black heavyweight panel back hunt coat£180.00
72/6646" gents heavyweight brown wool hack/hunt jacket tailored by Pytchley£225.00
70/9946"" gents black panel back hunt coat tailored by Caldene (made in England)£250.00
71/5944" gents black tail coat satin lined tailored by Bolton & Whewell Blackburn£150.00
65/7642" gents Tagg Rutland lightweight green wool hack jacket, as new£110.00
69/4742" gents Pytchley check wool front waistcoat with Fox head buttons £35.00
72/4642" Cordings of Piccadilly 3/4 length green Keepers Tweed single vent coat£300.00
71/2342" large Equetech white hunt shirt£20.00
71/440" medium Mister Fox yellow hunt shirt£36.00
66/8540" gents green Keepers Tweed hack/hunt jacket tailored by Lambourne (England)£125.00
68/640" red evening tail coat/red lining with cream front facings. Stag brass buttons and 2 inside pockets£300.00
68/440" gents black melton cloth tailored heavyweight hunt coat - short length£75.00
69/4740" gents Harry Hall black heavyweight wool hunt jacket with green collar£150.00
68/6138" gents Belvoir tailored mustard front melton cloth waistcoat with red wool lining£35.00
64/2238" gents grey worsted wool hand tailored show/hack jacket with red satin lining£80.00
67/4438/40" gents Harry Hall (tailored in England) black heavyweight pure wool hunt jacket£120.00
68/1638" boys/gents Saddlemaster (made in England) heavyweight green Keepers Tweed£85.00
71/2036" boys/gents brown wool/cashmere mix hack/show jacket tailored by Casual Riding£75.00
68/1242" ladies Sherwood Forest mustard/ blue check hack/show jacket with blue velvet collar£75.00
66/1240" ladies green pure wool tweed medium weight hack jacket£50.00
69/6340" ladies green hack/hunt Derby Keepers Tweed jacket tailored by Mears of England£100.00
72/338" ladies Shires Huntingdon show jacket£80.00
49/4338” Ladies navy Goldtop medium weight cavalry twill hunt/show jacket with red lining£60.00
64/538" ladies Pikeur lightweight navy 4-button panel back show jacket£40.00
64/2636" Ladies Pikeur panel back navy wool show jacket£100.00
64/9336" ladies Caldene (made in England) navy fitted lightweight show jacket with navy velvet collar£40.00
66/8536" ladies black polyester lightweight panel back show jacket with red lining (made in England)£37.50
65/6034" Shires white hunt shirt£20.00
57/8234" ladies Lucinda Green navy worsted wool show jacket£135.00
61/7334" Girl's Caldene (made in England) navy lightweight polyester panel back show jacket with navy velvet collar£25.00
58/7630" Girls Caldene (made in England) navy lightweight wool show jacket with velvet collar and red lining£35.00
61/7332" Girls Harry Hall (made in England) mediumweight brown panel back polyester show jacket with brown velvet collar£35.00
68/1430" Boys brown lightweight wool sports/hack jacket tailored in Yorkshire£20.00
67/1730" girls fitted black mediumweight wool hunt/show
jacket with red lining
71/5028" girls fitted black wool show/hunt jacket with red satin lining by Parr of Leicester£40.00
64/528" Girls black medium weight Caldene pure wool hunt/show jacket (as new)£55.00
68/1228" girls Pretty Ponies green tweed wool hack/show jacket with navy velvet trim /foxhead buttons£45.00

Jodhpurs & Riding Breeches

CWNew large Ri-Dry beige waterproof overbreeches£65.00
CWNew Medium Ri-Dry beige waterproof overbreeches£65.00
72/78McCoys full black suede chaps with 28" zips£80.00
59/100Brown suede leather chaps made in England, 30" zips£55.00
62/46Blonde leather custom made fringed chaps 26" zips£60.00
68/87Navy suede full chaps 25" zips£40.00
64/93Rambo navy fleece lined chaps age 11-12 years£15.00
72/62Medium size Kitt Hugs Neoprene full chaps-navy£25.00
66/24Medium size white Ornella Prosperi polyurethane waterproof over breeches£55.00
68/8344" gents Tally Ho beige breeches£35.00
68/2240" gents Best Boots beige breeches with button fly front and buttons for braces£37.50
68/1638" gents lightweight cream hunt/show breeches with button front and buttons for braces£85.00
72/4238" gents Cavalry Collection beige medium weight stretch breeches£40.00
68/2034" Oliver Brown gents cotton white hunt/show breeches with button fronts and buttons for braces - short£40.00
65/5134" gents beige Tally Ho breeches £30.00
72/4234" gents Birrs of Leicester medium weight beige hunting breeches£37.50
61/6532" gents Harry Hall beige breeches with suede knees£20.00
64/2232" gents Harry Hall of London traditional beige mediumweight riding trousers, 29 1/2" leg£20.00
66/2432" gents cream moleskin trousers inside leg 31 1/2"£30.00
66/10028/30" gents Technisport cream cotton stretch lightweight breeches (made in France)£32.50
CW34" ladies Harry Hall Atlanta cobalt blue jods /suede knee pads, as new£32.50
62/4432" pale blue summer weight Mark Todd breeches with navy trim and navy kneepads, as new£45.00
68/2032" ladies white Equi show/hunt jods-short leg£70.00
72/3030" Kadence jean style jods , brown£45.00
59/630" waist ladies Harry Hall beige cord stretch riding breeches£25.,00
71/428" ladies Caldene beige stretch breeches with full seat£30.00
62/3228" ladies Harry Hall beige breeches£18.00
68/5628" Caldene thermal beige breeches with shaped seat£38.00
72/328" ladies Caldene beige thermal breeches£22.50
71/428" ladies Caldene khaki stretch breeches with full check seat£30.00
64/9228" ladies Caldene (made in England) beige tailored mediumweight hunting/show jods leg 29 1/2"£25.00
71/428" ladies Caldene brown stretch breeches with full check seat£30.00
57/7026"+ girls Pretty Ponies yellow show jods inside leg 26"£18.00
62/1526" waist ladies tailored in England green thornproof wool shooting breeks£45.00
62/2226" waist ladies Harry Hall of London traditional mediumweight riding trousers leg 28"£20.00
62/3226" waist ladies navy 'On Course' breeches£20.00
54/7726" ladies Jumper King beige stretch cord breeches with buckskin seats (made in Germany)£25.00
63/1326" waist boy's buff Shires Performance breeches£36.00
CW24" long leg as new lightweight navy Saddlecraft cotton stretch jods£25.00
58/7524" grey cotton stretch Mark Todd breeches£17.00
58/7424" Gorringe beige unisex breeches£20.00
CW24" as new Harry Hall Atlanta beige jods inside leg 27" suede knees£27.50
63/1324" boy's beige Saddle Huggers as new breeches£18.00
CW18" HyKids beige jods inside leg 16"£9.99
57/7024" girls Riders beige jods with full seat inside leg 27"£22.00

Riding Boots

65/65Child's size 10 Brogini brown leather jod boots-elasticated sides£25.00
65/51Child's size 13 (32) black leather jod boots with elasticated sides as new£25.00
66/14Child's size 2 (34) black Brogini jod boots with elasticated sides, as new£20.00
68/12Size 11+ black leather riding boots with mahogany tops.
17 1/2" calf
68/12Size 11 gents black Regent leather riding boots with mahogany tops. 17 1/2" calf£300.00
72/75Size 10 Horace Batten black hunting boots with wide leg. Mahogany tops and wooden boot trees£375.00
59/77Size 9 1/2 as new black leather Regent riding boots made in England£190.00
72/5Size 9 brown English leather riding/hunting boots with wooden trees. Calf approx 16 1/2 "£350.00
57/40Size 9 Aigle rubber riding boots with brown tops£40.00
72/5Size 9 English leather black riding/hunting boots with trees£200.00
71/59Size 8 black leather hunt/show boots with mahogany tops and wooden boot trees by Rowell & Sons Melton Mowbray£400.00
71/15size 8 - 8/1/2 black English leather field boots with wooden boot trees£300.00
57/19size 8 Aigle black rubber riding boots extra wide leg, as new-boxed£40.00
71/15size 7 1/2 - 8 English leather vintage slim leg black riding boots/Stubbs & Burt Ltd wooden boot trees£175.00
67/16size 7 black leather hunting/show boots with mahogany tops£150.00
67/16size 7 Regent made in England black leather show/hunt boots with garter straps£75.00
58/74Size 6 Regent (made in England) black leather riding boots£80.00
65/39Size 6 1/2 black leather Sovereign riding boots£85.00
67/16Size 6 1/2 + made to measure slim fit black leather show/hunt boots/ garter straps plus wooden boot trees£100.00
70/406 1/2 - 7 ladies black English leather hunting/show boots£100.00
67/16Size 6 black English leather hunt/show boots with garter straps£85.00
CWSize 6 Tacto black wide fit English leather riding boots made in Walsall£75.00
67/16Size 6 made to measure in London English leather traditional black show/hunt riding boots£75.00
67/32Size 5 1/2 -6 black leather x-wide as new Wheatley riding boots£75.00
61/90Size 5+ Regent made in England black leather riding boots£125.00
62/92Size 5 1/2 ladies black leather contour riding boots with back zips made in Italy£125.00
68/87Size 5 brown leather Shires riding boots side zipped and resin soles£45.00
68/87Size 5 black English leather show/hunt boots£120.00
70/97Size 4 wide fit Saxon black leather field boots with back zips, boxed£50.00

Show Bridlework

72/53As new, black English leather pony crupper£20.00
72/3044" English leather Balding girth by Luxfords Saddlery, Teddington£40.00
72/30As new brown leather laced pony reins with buckle ends£30.00
70/97As new Derby House laced leather reins cob/full size
billet ends
62/63English brown leather new full size Grakle noseband£25.00
72/58As new GFS black 1/2" leather pony bridle£40.00
55/97Full size black leather bridle with clincher browband£25.00
63/48Full size brown English leather cavesson bridle with as new red/navy sharkstooth browband£35.00
66/72Plain dark brown English leather double bridle with reins and 5 1/2" stainless steel bits complete£65.00
70/56As new dark brown leather pony/cob size bridle with padded browband/noseband£50.00
70/97As new, brown leather padded and rolled leather cob/full size bridle + reins£80.00
67/11Tan leather 1" wide full size Western style bridle with brass furniture and black and white sharks tooth browband £35.00
67/11Tan leather 5/8" wide full size Western style bitless bridle with rope noseband£35.00
63/78As new English leather cob size running martingale£22.00
55/68New English leather draw reins£25.00
70/21As new pony/cob size brown leather breast girth£30.00
55/97English leather daisy rein, adjustable with elasticated ends as new£20.00
53/35Full size English leather rug roller with breastplate£40.00
55/97Pair English leather elasticated and adjustable side reins£17.50
49/31English leather foal showing set with matching lead rein/brass fits£30.00
40/37Tan leather top stitched pony size show bridle/brass fits£20.00
53/15Cob size English leather headcollar with brass fits£25.00
58/71Cob size English leather headcollar with brass fitments£23.00
53/35English leather large pony/cob size in hand bridle/ brass fits & lead rein£30.00


55/278" jute stable rug roller£15.00
55/272" red/yellow canvas and leather rug roller£16.00
63/78Large pony/cob size D'Arcy black lycra under rug shoulder guard£12.50
66/3As new x-large navy Horsewear Amigo stable rug hood£17.00
58/5X-Large navy Classic (made in England) winterweight stable hood, 3 clips for rug and neck fastenings£10.00
63/24As new full size waterproof/breathable exercise sheet, blue/black£30.00
63/27Shires Hi-Viz fleece lined horse exercise rain sheet (4' 6")£30.00
63/99Shires made in England navy wool exercise quarter rug (Full/cob)£20.00
62/49Cob size Newmarket exercise wool blanket£20.00
58/474' Mark Todd foal size navy outdoor rug£35.00
67/154' Weatherbeeta Landa Foal Rug medium weight. Navy/light blue trim. As new£22.00
54/953' 3" blue/grey Requisite foal fleece£20.00
62/513' 9" Weatherbeeta Landa navy outdoor foal rug£30.00
62/513' 3" brown with buff trim indoor foal rug£15.00
70/614' 3" Olympia lightweight emerald green turnout rug£26.00
72/784' 6" Premier Equine navy turnout rug with detachable hood£40.00
72/386' Weatherbeeta soft mesh fly sheet combo£50.00
72/526' Masta navy medium weight stable rug with royal blue trim£20.00
70/756' Horsewear Amigo Mio medium weight black turnout rug with red trim£32.00
70/616'as new pink lightweight Derby House turnout rug with black trim£35.00
68/506' Weatherbeeta Comfitec Essential Mesh Combo£37.50
70/616' black/turquoise trim lightweight Shires turnout rug£20.00
64/526' Weatherbeeta freestyle summer sheet combo green/white check with green trim£40.00
59/916' Navy Wool Oxford Travel Rug with Red Trim£30.00
70/566' as new Rhino wicking cooler/travel rug. Navy check with green trim£24.00
66/116' Horseware Amigo Combo 350g stable rug, purple£50.00
70/616' navy lightweight Funnell turnout rug£20.00
64/526' as new Horseware Rambo fly protector rug /neck cover/supersized tail flap oatmeal with brown trim£90.00
70/616' grey Derby House medium weight turnout rug£37.50
66/96' Turnout Masta lightweight brown/green rug£18.00
70/756' as new medium weight Derby House red turnout rug with white trim£45.00
70/616' Weatherbeeta purple check Landa Standard Lite turnout rug£32.00
72/626' 3" Weatherbeeta Landa freestyle purple check medium weight turnout rug£35.00
70/546' 3" Weatherbeeta Navy check medium weight stable rug£38.00
72/526' 3" Masta navy medium weight stable rug with royal blue trim£20.00
70/756' 3" New Rambo Original Turnout heavy weight green with red trim£175.00
72/766' 9" Masta blue/grey stable rug£25.00
72/786' 9" Horsewear Insulator stable rug navy/red trim£30.00
72/767' Horsewear Rhino red/blue tartan heavyweight stable rug£45.00
72/767' navy Chill Cheeta stable rug with burgundy trim£20.00
64/525' 9" green check Weatherbeeta summer sheet as new£22.50
56/115' 9" green cotton canvas summer sheet with x-straps£10.00
64/525' 9" Weatherbeeta freestyle summer sheet combo green/white check with green trim£40.00
57/755' 9" Chill Cheeta Red medium weight stable rug£15.00
55/255' 9" green Wyvern medium weight stable rug£25.00
64/525' 9" As new Horseware waterproof liner under rug compatible with fly & sweet itch
60/665' 9" Amigo Horseware grey fleece rug with neck/turquoise edging£34.00
68/505' 9" Weatherbeeta blue Orican freestyle turnout rug with neck - heavyweight£55.00
68/925' 9" black Fouganza fleece rug with cross straps/velcro front£17.50
58/55' 6" Weatherbeeta navy medium weight stable rug with light blue trim£22.50
65/715' 6" navy nylon Masta lightweight stable rug with neck£18.50
40/1005' 6" original Greenham New Zealand canvas outdoor rug£28.00
71/505' 3" as new royal blue pony fleece rug £20.00
55/25' 3" navy wool travel rug with red trim/single leather front fastening/fillet string straps£24.00
58/55' Weatherbeeta navy fleece with yellow trim£20.00
70/545' as new navy cotton travel rug with red trim£20.00
63/145' blue wicking cooler/ stable rug£22.50
53/905' black stable rug with red trim nylon outer made in England£35.00


CWNew brown sheepskin girth sleeve£28.00
65/94White Side Saddle numnah/pad and sheepskin seat saver£25.00
59/10052" as new English leather Balding girth£35.00
62/4938" Softsides padded dark brown leather dressage girth made in the USA£25.00
67/4750" dark brown soft leather padded shaped girth£25.00
64/63Full size black Premier Equine Sports anti rub protection numnah£37.50
72/61As new, Windsor Hide covered pony pad with girth£40.00
71/100Mandarino light jockey saddle - black patent£50.00
72/1418" Thorowgood x-wide black synthetic saddle (with spare gullet)£275.00
71/5218" Kieffer general purpose brown leather saddle (made in Germany)£450.00
57/8718" full size Eco brown leather general purpose saddle with self adjusting gullet£350.00
64/9817 1/2" narrow fit general purpose Ideal brown leather saddle£125.00
52/1517 1/2" fit Acorn Saddlery U.K. brown leather£200.00
72/7617" as new brown Wintec general purpose saddle with interchangeable gullet (sadly damage to seat hence price)£140.00
53/7717" Hawk (U.K.) brown leather medium fit saddle£250.00
64/6317" Brown Leather Polo saddle, narrow fit, made in England by Argosy Polo Equipment£140.00
64/9817" brown leather classic showing saddle, narrow fit Keith Luxford Saddlery, Teddington£100.00
70/5416" general purpose Status black synthetic saddle£90.00
62/916" brown leather Barnsby Pony Club saddle£90.00
54/6316" Eldonian working hunter forward cut spring tree saddle£80.00
54/5916" brown English leather pony showing saddle £80.00
72/5416" brown leather general purpose, narrow fit saddle made by GFS in Walsall England£200.00
72/5215" black English leather pony saddle£150.00
62/915" dark brown general purpose Camelot pony saddle made in England£60.00
53/47Shires navy fleece full size treeless saddle pad/saddle bags/girth + stirrup hooks£50.00


CWNew Christys' Black Devon hard top bowler 62cms ( 7 5/8)£125.00
71/45Size 7 1/4 (59 cms) hard top black bowler by Failsworth Hats, Manchester£60.00
72/76Navy Patey cap (not worn) 7 1/8 (58 cms)£375.00
59/16Size 6 7/8 (56 cms) Christys' black hunting bowler£75.00
63/25Size 6 7/8 black hunting bowler made for Windsors of Exeter£75.00
57/43Size 6 3/4 Moss Bros. ladies black hunting bowler£60.00
68/87Size 6 3/4 brown velvet Gatehouse Airflow Hickstead show/hunt cap£20.00
72/14Champion black Ventair riding helmet£80.00
58/47XS (53-54 cms) Gatehouse Conquest BSEN 1384black riding cap with vents and carrying bag £75.00
71/50Champion Junior x-air plus black riding hat (with bag)£65.00
69/276 7/8 Christys Wool Felt Dressage Hat£50.00
68/876 3/4 navy blue deep crown ladies show/hunt cap made for A.E. Lewin & Son, Knowle Warks£100.00
61/54Size 3 (58 cms) Charles Owen Ventura riding helmet£25.00
61/48Size 3 (59 cms) Charles Owen Ventura skull cap with black nylon cover£32.00


72/71Childs 3 1/2" stainless steel safety irons£15.00
72/4638"waist Hero 12-bore English leather cartridge belt£40.00
AHBlack leather hunting riding crop£29.00
68/29Swaine Adeney stag horn hunting whip with solid hall marked silver collar and extra long lash£180.00
68/29New brown leather extra long plaited hunting lash£52.00
72/76As new 1 1/4" white web Nature show halter£15.00
70/68Full size Foxhunter Reflective Road Safety Harness, as new£18.00
65/55Airowear Level 3 ladies 38-41" black slim regular body protector£120.00
69/2Mountain Horse navy body protector jacket (all in one) - adult small£80.00
61/31Size 3 small adult navy Rodney Powell Designs back protector Beta standard class 2 with shoulder protector attachments£40.00
67/67Air o Wear blue Child x-large body protector 31/33" chest (little used)£40.00
57/76Green melton cloth racing blinker hood with white edging£18.00
70/56Equioil Oddball Treat Ball - purple£12.50
63/59Size 2 bell shaped Davis rubber horse boot (unused)£15.00
70/97As new Woof Wear black travel boots cob size£42.00
70/42Weatherbeeta Wide Tab Long travel boots cob/full size fleece lined navy/yellow trim£38.00
58/22Shires medium size set of 4 extended travelling boots. Navy with green trim£35.00
McCoysPair Large black new neoprene tendon boots£25.00
McCoysPair Large white new neoprene classic brushing boots£14.99
McCoysPair Small black new neoprene velcro o/reach boots£9.99
McCoysPair Small red/black new neoprene brushing boots£12.50
McCoysPair Cob/Full size black new neoprene knee boots£12.50
McCoysSingle black new neoprene pastern wrap£6.00
55/68'Miracle' cribbing collar new boxed medium to fit large pony/average size horse£25.00
55/89Wolsey Harrier mains connection clippers, boxed with blades£175.00
55/89Liveryman Companion clippers mains connected with 1 set of blades, boxed.£50.00


72/784" Baucher hanging cheek£14.00
72/715" st/steel mouthing bit with keys on loose rings (as new)£15.00
CW6" nylon mullen mouth eggbutt bradoon£12.50
54/405 1'2" Eldonian nylon mullen mouth eggbutt bradoon£10.00
51/95" Eldonian st/steel mullen mouth eggbutt bradoon£12.00
63/235" nylon mullen mouth on large loose rings£8.00
62/955 1/2" stainless steel kimblewick with curb chain£10.00
63/215" st/steel kimblewick with double link curb chain£14.00
GG5" st/steel mullen mouth kimblewick with curb hooks£18.00
53/905" st/steel kimblewick - high port - books for curb chain£14.00
62/955 1/2" Dutch gag with white rubber bit guards£11.00
62/925 1/2" copper mouth Dutch gag£16.00
49/315" Carlyle Dutch gag with black rubber bit guards£15.00
54/824 1/2" hollow mouth Dutch gag with French link£16.00
72/715 1/2" Happy Mouth Fulmer Cheek snaffle£12.00
55/595 1/2" Fulmer Cheek French link snaffle£16.00
52/45 1/2" Loose Ring Fulmer Cheek£13.50
62/635" Fulmer cheek French link snaffle£12.50
62/945" Fulmer Cheek Snaffle£12.50
63/234 1/2" Fulmer cheek snaffle with leather keepers£13.00